Psssshhh…….I can do that!!!!  The leg’s still a little sore and since I promised my hubby I wouldn’t go the Y and I would rest my leg this week, I decided to try one of the home DVD’s I had.  Turbo Jam.  Ab Jam.

I watched it first while I ate lunch (toasted tuna fish sandwich and sliced carrots) just so I could get the gist of what I would have to do.  In my 20’s, I took Tae Kwon Do with my boys.  After class I took a hip hop kick boxing class.  I LOVED IT!!  The workouts were intense and I could feel and see results all over my body.  My abs were tighter.  My arms were more defined.  But then life took over.  The boys gave up Tae Kwon Do and moved on to ice hockey.  I considered joining one of the “learn to play” hockey teams for Moms but never pursued it.  Who knows – I could have been on the Women’s Olympic Team by now!

Anyway – so I figure I got this turbo jam routine no problem.  Heck, I still smoked back when I took the kick boxing class!  I gave the sandwich some time to settle and then changed into my “workout gear”.  You know dressing the part is half the battle!  How many times have they told you to dress at work for the position you want?  (I obviously want to be a stay at home wife based on my attire lately, lol)

So now I’m dressed and I’m plugged in to the site so that I can log my workout in the SuperGym. The DVD is set to go and all I need to do is hit PLAY.  Better get some water first though!

Here we go!  I got this!  I hit play and I’m off.  Go CHALENE!  She’s great – and look how easy it is.  She’s not even breathing hard.  No problem ! – Until she starts getting all Janet Jackson on me and busting out the moves.  I now feel a little less confident that I’ve got this. If I could just learn the moves…..

SAVED by the bell – literally – time to go pick up Scotty from school.  WOOT!

I finished 3/4 of the 45 minutes.  It was actually ALOT of fun and something different than running on a treadmill or outside.  I’ve still got to get ready for this next 5K in April (not to mention the dreaded Mud Run) but I think I will be incorporating the Turbo Jam into my work outs 2 or 3 times a week.  It was a great change of pace and I can feel it in my abs that the workout did it’s job!

Is anyone else doing Turbo Jam?  Want to be my online work out buddy?  Just leave me a message 🙂

Until the next session – take a look at my poll below…..


Funny – I remember turning the BIG 4-0 and everyone telling me “oh, don’t worry about it!  40 is the new 30!!”

Well, apparently somebody forgot to tell my knees, ankles and hips that!!  It’s been 5 days since the 5K (where I beat my boss if you’ve forgotten) and I still have some tightness going on with my left hip.  Don’t get me wrong, I miss working out.  I miss it so much I decided I would try to make up for lost time by only using the upstairs bathroom at work.  That’s about 200 additional steps each trip! I was doing great until yesterday when I decided just once I could visit the downstairs location. Of course when I got there the janitor had it closed for cleaning.  Is that karma or what??  Somebody is holding me accountable!

I think my family has finally accepted that I’m serious this time and this work-out craze is not just a phase – I really am that crazy person that wants to run in the mud, swing on a rope over water, slide down a hill and race to the finish line. Not only do I want to complete “The Mud Run” in September; I want to be competitive!

Run a Mud Run? Why?

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My journey started about a year ago when I decided to quit smoking for good.  Of course I packed on the pounds in the process and I decided I needed a new addiction to replace the old one.  As a mom of two high school aged boys and as a wife of a husband that travels, I had alot of down time.  Unfortunately, everything I used to do during this time (read a book, hang out outside with neighbors, drink wine on the screened in back porch ) I associated with a cigarette so I needed to find something new to do to kill the time and keep me busy.

So, I joined the local YMCA and started working out.  My boss at work, Pat,  had just started running and I decided I wanted to try it too.  It became a motivator for me to keep up with him (or surpass him, let’s be honest, lol) and so I went full force.  I bought the Nike + app for my Iphone which allowed us to challenge each other to competitions and the runs were synced to facebook which announced to all of my friends my accomplishments.  It became quite the addiction.

But then, I did too much too fast and over did it which caused first knee pain and then ankle pain and I had to frequently stop the workouts to nurse the injuries.  Instead of feeling 40, which is bad enough, I felt like I was 90 years old.  This became frustrating because I was FINALLY sticking to something and seeing results.  But my body wasn’t cooperating.  I filled the time with bike rides at the gym or the elliptical but I never felt the same accomplishment as I did after running.

I finally got back on track running and learned how to space out the workouts, how quickly (or non-quickly) I should increase the speed and length of those workouts and how to cross-train by mixing in the stationary bike, elliptical, weights and other programs.

Yesterday, I finally ran in my first 5K.  It was exhilarating and exciting and gave me a boost of confidence!!  The first step is always the hardest – and now that I’ve taken it I’m ready for MORE!!  I’ve signed up already for 2 more races in April, and I’m looking forward to trying to beat my time and increase my stamina.  My goal is to be physically fit enough to run the “Mud Run” (check out this link: in September.

Me??? Running a boot camp style marathon??  In my 40’s??  YES I CAN!!!

This blog will be about my journey to get there.  I’m sure it will contain some ups and downs with training, some humor (helloooo, I’m 41 acting like I have a 20 year old’s body) and my efforts to get my friends and family involved.  This is the longest I’ve stuck to any fitness goals and a large part of that is due to the support my family and friends have given me.

So, follow me on this journey and cheer me on!!  Maybe you’ll get motivated to start a new challenge for yourself too!!!!